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TMR Consulting Group works with start up companies and emerging businesses. It is our goal to provide high quality HR services and advisory expertise to the client segment that is often overlooked in the marketplace. As a company grows, the HR function should also grow proportionately. However, smaller companies are not always equipped to handle HR administration while complying with the federal and state employment and discrimination laws.

The level of expertise of a Human Resources department twenty or so years ago, does not parallel the expertise one would need today. There are many companies with 500 employees or less who are faced with laws that only existed in the last 10 or so years. We work with our clients to streamline these administrative functions so companies can focus on their overall business goals and objectives.

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From time to time, we provide valuable resources for your HR information. If you know of a great resource we should be sharing with you, please email us today: info@tmrcgroup.com