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You get a real honest discussion with real answers

November 6, 2008

“Teri redefines the space she is in. Very forward-thinking and personable - she is able to do the most important thing : treat a group of employees as the company's greatest asset - and work to always improve the value of that asset. People walk into her office to talk about things because it's so easy to do - she is easy to approach and discuss any manner of topics - and you get a real honest discussion with real answers.”

Bill Castellano , Vice President, Sales , FXMarketSpace
worked with Teri at TMR Consulting Group


An excellent addition to any organization

December 3, 2008

" Teri is the single-most effective human resources professional with whom I have dealt. Her diverse skills served our company well in both start-up and operational phases. Her knowledge of domestic and international employment practices differentiates her from most of her peers. She is a quick study and committed to understanding the businesses she supports. This commitment makes her particularly effective in understanding the needs of staff, in contributing to management decision-making and in allowing her to quickly adapt to the culture of a company even as a consultant. She is also a proven manger of people, manages time well and leads by doing rather than advising. Teri has an easy-going, friendly style but definitely speaks her mind. My experience with her is that she does whatever it takes to get the job done…at all hours, all days of the week and wherever needed. She would be an excellent addition to any organization.”

Rick Sears, President , FXMarketSpace
managed Teri at FXMarketSpace



Advice is based on a wealth of experience

November 5, 2008

“Teri clearly puts the "human" in Human Resources. She consistently takes a personal approach to her job, resulting in superior relationships between HR and the other parts of the firm. She not only clearly communicates policies and changes, but also proactively anticipates reactions and concerns. Her advice is based on a wealth of experience, and she would certainly improve the HR Department of any organization that was lucky enough to work with her.”

Thomas Koslowske , Vice President, Sales , FXMarketSpace
worked with Teri at FXMarketSpace